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Our top 10 selection is based on a list of criteria that we consider important and worthwhile for determining the quality of a good web host. Some of the factors we take into considerations are:


We look at how often the users experience unscheduled downtime and how fast are the downtime issues resolved.

Interface Usability

Most user find cPanel very easy to use. Any web host providing this interface gets a plus in this category.


We look into the technology used to make your site secure and the backup systems used in case of system failure. Data should also be backed up regulary to prevent customer data loss.

Customer Service

We look at how courteous the support team is when you have questions or issues with your website. How knowledgeble the staff is and how quickly the issues are resolved.

Average Customer Ratings

Customers reviews and ratings are greatly valued in this selection process because they give us an unbiased view at what users experienced with a particular web hosting provider.

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