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Webhostingpad Reviews

"Do not use to host your website! My site, http://www.artphotog ,was down for weeks and they never gave me a refund for the time it had been down, even though the problem was on their end. I lost search engine rankings, and the technical support representative was so bold as to deny that there had been an issue with my site's uptime: Hello, The domain is loading perfectly fine from here. Please get back to us with complete output of the command "tracert" run from your computer. Shiyas T A http://webhostingpad .com I had called the technical support hotline the night before, and a representative had confirmed that he too could not load the site and the everything looked fine on my end. This web host is terrible. Do not host your site with http://webhostingpad .com." ~ Heather Jenkins
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December 9, 2011, 2:04 PM