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Taking A Look At VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

There are many factors that need to be considered when comparing VPS hosting vs shared hosting. Although the two are very similar on the surface, scratch away the paint, and there are two very different organisms beneath all the exterior grandeur.

For those that are taking the first steps into the world of hosting, shared hosting can often be quite appealing. One of the main appeals to the newcomer is the claim by many shared hosting sites of unlimited bandwidth. While this seems all well and good, it would be wise to remember that no matter how big a setup, there will always be physical restraints set in place by the hardware. Sadly when it comes to VPS hosting vs shared hosting, unlimited is a number that may not be as high as expected. The first advantage that migrating companies will notice, is that VPS hosting is a lot closer to that magic number of unlimited bandwidth.

VPS hosting is often considered to be the next run up the ladder when compared on a VPS hosting vs shared hosting level. If a website is moving into the realm of custom applications and superior bandwidth abilities, it is definitely time to upgrade. One of the main disadvantages that shared hosting has going against it is the restrictions that are set in place by a supplier. This will cover things such as what operating system can be used, to the types of programs that can be run. VPS hosting on the other hand is as close to owning a server as a company can get without actually buying the equipment. For programmers, there is a great advantage to virtual private servers in that it supports numerous operating systems. Up to around thirty different Linux operating systems can run on a virtual private server. The word private is also there for a reason, as when looking at VPS hosting vs shared hosting in terms of security, virtual private hosting wins every time, hands down.

In the end, it will really come down to the individual company as to what kind of hosting package they really need. There are obvious advantages to virtual private server hosting, but in the end, the extra cost may be too much for some smaller enterprises. Shared hosting on the other hand has some great points that will help newcomers to the field get to grips with hosting a site. Anyone who wishes to undertake a contract with either kind of host really needs to sit down and find out what their needs are, not just now, but down the line as well. It may be worth spending the extra money on VPS hosting now and saving time and money in the future.

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