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Top 10 SEO Tips to get your site noticed fast

  1. Add a description META TAG that contains relavent key words related to the content of your website. Avoid using repetitve words or phrases. You can reword things differenty to match most popular searches, but make sure the semantic is still accurate. Even though the crawlers might not care about semantics, your potential customers sure will. Add a specific description for each page. That will require extra work but, it''ll boost the relevance of your page.
  2. Make sure you write descriptive titles in the TITLE TAG. You want each page to have its own title if possible. The titles should be related to the content of the document.
  3. Keep the website up to date with fresh and relevant content.
  4. Create a website that''s easy to navigate. Use subfolders for better structuring and avoid long cryptic url parameters. Although encryption is necessary for security purposes, if it can be avoided, you should do so. Avoid deeply buried links. Create a sitemap.
  5. Check links validity, fix all broken links or create a 404 error page.
  6. If you''re linking to external websites, make sure you know that the site has a good reputation or safe content. Your pagerank can be affected if you''re linking to site that promotes spamming and other irresponsible behaviors. If, for whatever reason you decide to link to those sites, use the nofollow value on your ANCHOR TAG rel="nofollow".
  7. Add relevant captions to your images using alt and title attributes. Name your image files appropriately. Use flash and other animation wisely. If you have a flash intro, make sure the robots have a way to access the site via an html link.
  8. Make sure your site loads up fast, you may be penalized by search engines if you''re site is too slow to come up.
  9. Make good use of the robot.txt file, to instruct the robots which part of site to crawl and which to leave alone.
  10. Promote your site by advertising and using social bookmarking.

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